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We're Getting Close!

My debut memoir, Getting to Love, is nearing completion. 

Since traditional publishers are not demanding stories from sixty-year-old white women right now, I am exploring independent publishing which requires an upfront investment of four to six thousand dollars. The good news is that this avenue is faster so the book should be out before the end of the year. 


Please consider investing in this project.

Donations of any size are appreciated. Every little bit will get me closer to my goal.

All donors will receive a copy of the book once it is birthed into the world.

Donors up to $20 will receive the e-book.

Give $20-$50 and receive a signed copy of the paperback version.

Donors over $50 will receive a signed copy of the hardcover edition.

Thank you for making my publication dream a reality.
I'll keep you updated as we get close to publication!


I love reading excerpts from my book!

I can attend your book group or your writing group in person or remotely.

Click to go to YouTube. My reading starts at 16:12

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Prologue - June 2004
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