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Goddess Pose

When I squat into goddess pose

there is so much to reclaim –

starting with birth.

My birth. Your birth and all

the births before us that were full

of squatting and bleeding and grunting

and knowing that we can

make it through most any pain.

Next are our centers which we have been taught

to either hide or give away.

And next still are our breasts

which were made to be shown,

to be kissed, to be sucked, to be loved.

I have to stand like this—

hips, hands, and feet shining outwards

as if I could become a goddess

with nine heads and eight limbs,

the sun as my crown, the moon

as my core and dance

a divine sexy mama dance

that can create or destroy anything –

this is the only way anything new

has ever been born.

Sanskrit Name: Utkata Konasana

About the Author

Corie Feiner is the Poet Laureate ­Emeritus of Bucks County, PA and an award-winning author, performance poet and slam champion called "wonderful' by The New York Times and "absorbing" by Backstage Magazine. She obtained her MFA studying with some of the greats at NYU and her unique workshop style was featured on WNBC-TV. Her latest project, A Poem for Every Pose, combines her love of yoga with her craft. Enjoy her free weekly poems by subscribing at:


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