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Land Grab

History has never

been without

Land grabs

By every group

speaking every language

worshipping in every religion

for every reason

On the little Island of Faial

the volcano

produced more land

What was the first thing

men did

via a small boat

in a dangerous sea?

They planted a flag

to claim territory

There is no moat high enough

or fence strong enough

to protect from the


When men

try to be the

first and last to

Grab more

About the Author

Susan L. Pollet is a published author of books in multiple genres including a book of poetry, Susiku And More. Her poems have been published in multiple literary publications. Susan is also a visual artist, an advocate for human rights, a former public interest lawyer, a devoted mother, grandmother and partner, and a world traveler. She has seen the dark side of humanity, but continues to search for the light.


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