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Here and Now

A moment tenderly unfolding

it could be anywhere, any time,

a time when I am truly present

not lost somewhere in my tangled mind.

Look, listen.

The snow is melting so quickly, so quietly,

long thin patches of white border the driveway

and rise into molecules of light

to a gray sky that is not gray at all

but a radiance shining through gray

a brand new quality of light

in the afternoon sun,

my neighbor’s red house

reflecting in a burnished blush of red

the silver sunlight.

Look, listen.

Fallen leaves are waking

yellow and brown on the March lawn

keeping the soil warm,

creatures are stirring underground,

and seeds beginning,

slowly, tenderly unfolding.

An old oak outside my window

stands strong and protective

its bare brown branches reaching

over them, above them

now and only now.

Look, listen.

Let your body become the melting snow

the breathing soil, the silver light.

About the Author

Dorothy Riehm lives in Northampton in a cohousing community. A retired social worker, she has been writing poetry on and off for many years, and now in her 80’s has been sending her work out for publication. Her poetry has appeared in Friends Journal, Passagers, and will be in the forthcoming issues of Silkworm and Linea.


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