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The Evolution of Spring

I get drunk on trees

On bare branches strung together

Beautifully laced

Tiny buds greenly sugaring the sky

And the starburst of magnolias

Viburnum and pearly dogwood

And on you

Your foolishness and flame

Burning burning for decades

Throwing off pure forms

With such an easy grace

About the Author

Barbara Wimsatt lives in Chicago with her husband, Bill Wimsatt. She began writing poetry as an English major at the University of Illinois. After years of neglect, she resumed her writing and hopes to share her work with a wider audience through publication in online and print journals.

2 komentáře

27. 12. 2022

great to read today (9*F, Boxing Day, the 26th)

- -Chad

To se mi líbí

23. 12. 2022

So excited to see this wonderful poem published!!!😍

To se mi líbí

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