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It is said that the redwood trees

walk at night, softly, their roots

stepping gently on the fertile soil

we thought kept them in place.

It is said the headstand can turn

your world upside down, the feet

you once thought could only

walk on asphalt, concrete, and dirt,

could reach towards heaven

and tip toe through the air.

It is said it takes one woman to change

the course of history and although

I spent most of my life believing

that I was bottom heavy like my mothers

before me, I decided I had to turn the world

upside down, daily reciting, If I can do a headstand,

I can do anything.

I remember the day I first held

my legs above my heart and planted my feet

in the sky, my thoughts poured from my head

like rainwater drop by drop collecting

in the leaf mold gutter of my mind

and when they burst through and

cascaded away from me, I became

nothing and no one flowing

with the newborn words,

So you can do anything, huh?

What’s next?

Sanskrit Name: Salamba Sirsasana

About the Author

Corie Feiner is the Poet Laureate ­Emeritus of Bucks County, PA and an award-winning author, performance poet and slam champion called "wonderful' by The New York Times and "absorbing" by Backstage Magazine. She obtained her MFA studying with some of the greats at NYU and her unique workshop style was featured on WNBC-TV. Her latest project, A Poem for Every Pose, combines her love of yoga with her craft. Enjoy her free weekly poems by subscribing at:


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