Starry Starry Kite


Open your awareness to each day

Let morning light shine in your eyes

and grey clouds ease your gaze

Take in the sounds around you

birdsong, thunder in the hills, rushing water

Listen to the music of wind-blown leaves

Breathe fragrances of pine forest, ocean air

new-mown grass, pavement after rain

Inhale aromas of lilac, lavender, jasmine

Fill your mouth with delicious flavors

sweet berries, fresh-baked bread, dark chocolate

herbs and spices from around the globe

Feel the wind stroke your face, your hands

textures of angora, eiderdown, satin, velvet

polished stone, supple leather, skin on skin

With these senses, you are ready

to meet the marvels of the world

All you need do is pay attention

About the Author

Since 2012, Carla Manene Cooke has facilitated writing groups in and from her home in Northampton, Massachusetts. Her recent work has appeared in the Forbes Library’s virtual exhibits (“In This Together” and “Home”), Straw Dog Writers Guild's Pandemic Project, Silkworm 14: Rise, Persimmon Tree, and Meat for Tea. A longtime journal-keeper and wordsmith, she provides "a fresh eye" for other writers.

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